Cultural Tour

Experience first hand the modern Mayan Culture during this exceptional Mayan Cultural Tour.  Visit  the village of >San Jose Succotz (Succotz), 8 minutes from San Ignacio and 3 minutes from the Guatemala Border.  The northern edge of the town lies along the Mopan River which that forms the border with Guatemala.  Succotz is home to the Xunantunich Maya Ruin; one catches a quaint ferry ride from the main highway as one enters Succotz – feel free to purchase a Mayan slate carving or other handicraft sold from cultural stalls at the mouth of the ferry. A short climb up after the ferry disembarks leads one to Xunantunich.  A tour to Xunantunich can be arranged.  Your tour will stop to shop.

Sister village to Succotz is Benque Viejo del Carmen (Benque) is also home to a House of Culture. Located at the site of the old police station, it offers exhibits such as its recent “Art for the People” and “Women in Art.” Additionally, the Benque House of Culture periodically offers cultural lectures and holds cultural workshops, recent ones being classes in the playing of marimba music and accordion music. The Coordinator is Belizean writer David Ruiz.  On one of the back roads of Benque, you will find an anomaly – Arenal village. Half of the village is in Belize and the other half on Guatemalan territory. The village football field is another oddity, one goal post is in Belize and the other in Guatemala.

During your tour you will meet with elders from the village, hear history and stories of Belize from the past.  Meet the village Shaman also referred to as a bush doctor.  A traditional healer that is a primary health care practitioner usually trained by apprenticeship with a knowledgeable elder.  They use plants in many forms such as herbal teas, herbal baths, salves, powders and ointments. They may be men or women. Traditional healers often include prayer and spiritual healing to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their clients. 

Take a driving tour of the villages schools, churches, government buildings and quaint stores.  The highlight of this tour is to be welcomed into a traditional Mayan home to enjoy home cooked food and an opportunity to discover how the Mayan live today.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

What To Bring

  • Camera
  • Yourself

Tour Duration

  • ½ day.

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Plan to come in March, the Succotz village celebrate St. Joseph day, which includes lots of activities like the pig head dance, the grease pig and some somebody try to catch it, the grease pole and canoe race, lots of local cultural food  and  drinks.

Tour includes transportation, guide, any entrance fees and lunch or dinner.  Private and custom tours can be arranged and special occasions that may include marriage proposals and family celebrations.

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