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Carlos Panti, San Ignacio, Belize Legendary Caveman, owns and operates Carlos the Caveman Tours. Carlos was nicknamed the Caveman for his knowledge of the Mayan history and his awesome tour over the past 15 years of the ATM Cave and Crystal Cave located in Cayo. Carlos was born in San Jose Succotz 8 minutes from San Ignacio. His heritage is Maya mestizos, people formed by the union of Spaniards and Maya. Carlos resides in Succotz with his beautiful family. Lunches you will eat during your tour is prepared by a family member. Carlos Panti has his roots in the Cayo District.

Carlos has appeared in several television Belize show including Discovery Channel, articles in the travel magazine for National Geographic, Fine Living Channel, on Belizean television local shows and PACT challenge.

Letter to our dad Carlos the Caveman,

The greatest and most cherished memories are the days of adventure we had together!

We can’t even begin to explain your contagious and incomparable passion for nature, history , your ancestry and your job.These elements were the very essence of what made you the absolute best at whatever you did. We were your first hand witnesses and for this we will forever remember you.

A day at ” your office ” as you called the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave , was a day absolutely saturated with indescribable and endless adventure and excitement for everyone around you especially us your three daughters. We used to listen to you in awe! You indeed were and will continue to be the ONLY and most amazing caveman and dad.

We admired the diligence and pride you put into every tour, every single day. It was indeed nothing like we had ever seen.

The way you inspired hundreds of people with your unique way of thinking simply amazed us. You believed with such passion that change was necessary to be better , particularly in us humans who day by day destroy Mother Nature not taking into account how this would affect future generations.

Ancient Mayan civilization and the gradual incline of hope in religion was always at the forefront of your thoughts. Constantly you would mention how the Mayas needed something to hold on to for hope especially when they were affected with natural disasters and found refuge in the underworld . I will always remember you saying ” There are many more questions than answer,” when it came to the decline of the Mayan civilization.

You, dad , would relate the Mayan decline to modern day and stated that the reason we pray is the hope that we have that our prayers will be answered. We were and still are amazed at how smart and passionate you were and how you touched so many lives.

In your own words: ” The cave is a place of worship, a place of fright, a place where super natural beings dwell”. Mayan ancestors recided inside the cave and there was a great amount of respect from your part.

We will forever remember our drives along the Hummingbird Highway, admiring the breathtaking view of the magestic Maya mountain and its valleys . You, mom and the three of us singing our hearts out to different songs particularly ” Faded ” by Alan Walker. We know that we were the most important persons in your life and to us you were our all, daddy.

This is how we will always remember you dad. As a man with passion and gratefulness for life and everything around you. We will forever love you and hold you in our hearts. You will continue to live in us every single moment. We promise to make you proud and continue your legacy making Carlos the Caveman Tours one of the best .

We, your daughters will carry on your legacy. Farewell dad , till we meet again.

Rest in peace daddy . We love you!

Gabriela, Daniela and Isabella Panti

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